Julien Carmona Vice-President Executive & CFO Nexity : "In 2015, in a market which is in recovery to do at least as well as the market".
Oddo Forum 2015 : Year 2014 and 2015 target in the real estate market

25 janvier 2015 21 h 28 min
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Web TV www.labourseetlavie.com was at Oddo Forum 2015 organised in Lyon (8 & 9 January) and met a lot of ceo’s and managers to talk about year 2014 and their targets 2015.

My guest Julien Carmona is Executive President and Chief Financial Officer at Nexity

I’m talking with him about the real estate market in France, Nexity is a key player in this market.


Julien Carmona did also an interview in French if you are interested click on this link too : http://www.labourseetlavie.com/videos/entreprises-strategie-et-resultats/julien-carmona-directeur-general-nexity-notre-tendance-est-plutot-de-l-ordre-du-rebond-technique,1899.html

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