2017-18 first-quarter revenues up +21%
(stable pro forma1)

First-quarter highlights

The GECI International Group (“the Group”) is reporting revenues of€6.5 million for the first quarter of 2017-18, up 21% year-on-year on a reported basis and stable pro forma1.

The Group would like to remind readers that the previous financial year was marked by the acquisition in June 2016 of ETUD Integral, which contributed €1.0 million in the first quarter of FY 2017-18. To offer a relevant basis for comparison, pro forma data1 are presented in the following tables.

In France, the Group's subsidiaries have continued to further strengthen their positions on stronger value-added markets, while withdrawing from certain markets with limited visibility. The impacts of this strategy are gradually starting to be seen for some of the Group's business divisions.

Internationally, the Group has maintained its focus on strong growth, significantly ramping up the contracts in place in South Africa and achieving a good level of business in Brazil in particular.

The year-on-year change in consolidated revenues reflects a negligible exchange effect (€0.1 million for the quarter).

Change in revenues for each business

Business division 1st quarter (April-June 2017) 1st quarter
(April-June 2016)

 €M  % of rev  €M  % of rev
Engineering 1.9  29% 0.8  14%  + 143%
Finance 1.1  17% 1.6  30%  – 30%
Telecoms & IT 3.5  54% 3.0  55%  + 17%
Holding 0.0  0% 0.0  0% NA
Quarterly revenues 6.5  100% 5.4  100%  +23%

Change in revenues for each business (pro forma)

Business division 1st quarter (April-June 2017) 1st quarter
(April-June 2016)

pro forma
 €M  % of rev  €M  % of rev
Engineering 1.9  29% 1.9  29%  – 2%
Finance 1.1  17% 1.6  25%  – 30%
Telecoms & IT 3.5  54% 3.0  46%  + 17%
Holding 0.0  0% 0.0  0% NA
Quarterly revenues 6.5  100% 6.5 100%  0%
  • Engineering

The “Engineering” division's quarterly revenues came to €1.9 million, representing 29% of consolidated revenues at June 30, 2017.

In France, this division has continued moving forward with its premiumization strategy, focused on the development of differentiating services in buoyant sectors such as renewable energies, electric vehicles and urban transport. Relations with major contracting authorities have been further strengthened, notably making it possible to generate fresh commercial momentum for ETUD Integral, which positioned itself on several innovative projects during the period.

In South Africa, sales are confirming their strong growth, with a significant increase in productive staffing levels. This significant development is being supported by the strengthening of its range of specialized training programs for highly regulated industries, particularly with the transformation of a major multi-year contract.

  • IT & Telecoms

Quarterly revenues for the “IT & Telecoms” division came to €3.5 million, representing 54% of consolidated revenues at June 30, 2017.

In France, the quarter was marked by the development of all the offers (network engineering, embedded IT, web and business application development, and Big Data). Growth, driven by the signing and renewal of contracts with key account clients and startups, is benefiting in particular from the strong trends for High Performance Computing (HPC) offers and the consolidation of IT outsourcing activities at a high level.

In Brazil, sales show solid growth for the quarter, despite the more uncertain general environment.

  • Finance

The “Finance” division generated quarterly revenues of €1.1 million, representing 17% of consolidated revenues at June 30, 2017.

This division has ramped up its repositioning around stronger value-added market segments, particularly engineering and operational consulting for business leaders from the world of banking and finance. Alongside this strategy, the technical support offers with low margins are gradually being scaled back.

Change in revenues for each region

At June 30, 2017, the breakdown of the Group's consolidated revenues was as follows: 78% in France, 15% in Brazil and 7% in South Africa.

  1st quarter (April-June 2017) 1st quarter
(April-June 2016)

 €M  % of rev  €M  % of rev
France 5.1  78% 4.5  84%  + 13%
Brazil 1.0  15% 0.7  14%  + 33%
South Africa 0.4  7% 0.1  2% + 232%
Quarterly revenues 6.5  100% 5.4  100%  + 21%


  1st quarter (April-June 2017) 1st quarter
(April-June 2016)

pro forma
 €M  % of rev  €M  % of rev
France 5.1  78% 5.6  87%  – 10%
Brazil 1.0  15% 0.7  11%  + 33%
South Africa 0.4  7% 0.1  2%  + 232%
Quarterly revenues 6.5  100% 6.5  100%  0%


The Group is continuing to move forward with its commercial deployment, focused on expanding its client base and further strengthening the quality of its offers. Alongside this, it is continuing to reorganize its operations with a view to achieving a financial balance by reducing its operating costs.

The Group is looking to capitalize on opportunities for development in engineering, telecoms and IT. With its highly complementary and innovative expert capabilities, the Group is supporting major industrial firms, SMEs and startups, ensuring the success of their digital transition and designing smart services and solutions.

Next dates

The General Meeting will be held on Thursday September 28, 2017 from 10am, at Salons France-Amériques, 9-11 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris, France.

GECI International: Smart Solutions for a Smart World

The GECI International Group, created in 1980, has established itself as a high-tech engineering specialist. Today, GECI International is targeting high-growth, strong value-added market segments, focusing in particular on engineering, IT, telecommunications and smart products and services. With its world-renowned credibility for advisory services, its expertise and its ability to deploy the most qualified skills, GECI International is supporting businesses with their digital transition and their efforts to design and develop new smart services and solutions.

GECI International – French limited company (société anonyme) with capital of €720,419.36
Registered office: 48 bis Avenue Kléber – 75116 Paris – France – Paris trade and companies register: 326 300 969

GECI International is listed on the regulated market Euronext Paris – Compartment C
ISIN (shares): FR0000079634 – GECP
ISIN (equity warrants): FR0013141249 – GECBS

Investor Relations
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 34 00 20
Cyril Combe
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 65 68 68

1 The pro forma data are to be understood as if ETUD Integral had been acquired on April 1st, 2016 in order to have a full year for FY 2016-17.

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