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Total (Paris:FP) (LSE:TTA) (NYSE:TOT):

Further to the gas leak incident on the plugged G4 production well on
Elgin platform, the situation has been stable on site over the last five
days and Total is now progressing with actions to stop the leak.

Total?s representatives met the UK Minister for Energy Mr. Charles
Hendry on the 30th March to discuss the situation and speak
of measures being taken by Total.

Mobilized resources and actions taken

The Group is progressing on actions to stop the leak. Two main solutions
are being progressed. The first is to pump heavy mud directly into the
well and the second is to drill relief wells to intervene at the source
of the gas flow. The Group is mobilizing all means to allow these
options to be implemented.

Total has two available drilling rigs under contract in the area, the
Sedco 714 and the Rowan Gorilla V, which will be deployed for the
drilling of relief wells.

Total?s Crisis Management Teams are located in Aberdeen, Paris and at
the Group?s research center in Pau. Their primary objectives are to
continue monitoring the incident, evaluate and implement solutions to
stop the gas leak, as well as to coordinate work of the different
entities, external parties and experts involved in the process.

Total holds regular expert meetings with, and receives many offers of
assistance from, its partners on the field and operators of nearby
production sites, for which the Group is very grateful. Cooperation and
coordination with relevant UK authorities is ongoing.

Site situation is stable

The precise cause of the gas leak is still being investigated and
efforts continue to bring it under control. While Total cannot make a
direct measurement of the gas leakage rate, based on recorded data and
reservoir modeling, its estimates are around 200?000 m3
of gas per day (about 7 Mcf/d).

The gas cloud is fairly small in size and prevailing winds are blowing
it away from the platform and dispersing it. An exclusion zone around
the platform has been set up by the UK authorities taking into account a
wide safety margin.

The very thin sheen of condensates (less than one micron thick) which
had formed itself toward the east of the platform is currently reducing
due to progressive evaporation.

Total has observed that the size of the flare is diminishing.

For these reasons, the current impact on and risks for the environment
are relatively low.

Total continues to actively monitor the situation by using satellites
and surveillance spotter planes. Vessels are on standby in the vicinity
of Elgin platform, in visual contact with the installation at all times.
The Group is working in close cooperation with the UK department of
Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Further information

Total will continue to make regular updates on the situation.

For more information on Elgin platform, please visit Total?s dedicated

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Total: Status on UK – Gas Leak Incident at Elgin Platform in the North Sea