€M2016(1)2015Var. (%)
Robotics and Integrated Systems   
H1 Total31.426.9+16.8%
H1 Total13.611.3+20.5%
H1 Total8.05.0+62.1%
Revenue between the divisions and structure   
H1 Total(0.0)(0.0)n.a.
Consolidated revenue   
H1 Total53.043.1+23.0%
  1. Unaudited figures.

After a strong Q1 (+10.4% vs. Q1 2015), the revenue of the ECA Group showed very strong growth in Q2, with an increase of +31.7% (vs. Q2 2015).

Over the whole of the first half, revenue stood at €53.0 million: +23.0% compared to the first half of 2015.

Trade momentum for the Group's divisions, noted at the time of the publication of 1st quarter revenue (see April 26, 2016 press release) and particularly Simulation and Aerospace, was confirmed in the 2nd quarter, posting growth of +89.8% for Simulation (vs. Q2 2015) and +27.1% for Aerospace (vs. Q2 2015).

These significant increases are due to the delivery of one or more parts of some major orders from 2014 and 2015 (in particular the sale of high quality 6-axis land-based defense vehicles).

The Robotics and Integrated Systems division for its part has seen a substantial rise in growth between Q1 and Q2 (+8.2% in Q1 2016 vs. +22.6% in Q2 2016).


Benefiting from strong prospects in all its divisions, the ECA Group expects organic growth in revenue over the financial year, even though growth is expected to be lower than in H2.

In particular, the Robotics and Integrated Systems division has begun marketing the UAV IT180-999 (captive version of the IT180 drone). The Group is planning on ramping up sales of its aerial drones for civilian applications, i.e. monitoring sensitive sites, monitoring fires, and looking for missing persons, as well as land geophysics.

A new success has just been achieved with the sale by the Group to Eurotunnel during the 2nd quarter of an aerial-drone-based security system, as the newest addition to the network of 500 cameras and 300 security agents deployed on the trans-Channel site.

In 2016 the Group also began marketing its first drone-based integrated maritime solutions and has just announced a contract totaling €10 million for the delivery of three underwater remote-controlled anti-mine drones. Thus, the Group will supply three INSPECTOR Mk2 USV – Unmanned Surface Vehicles, which will be equipped with the very latest underwater robotics systems designed by the ECA Group in 2015 (see July 12, 2016 press release).

The Aerospace division should for its part continue the same trend as in the first half of 2016 thanks to the ongoing delivery of the order of over €10 million for Airbus.

In parallel, the creation of ECA AEROSPACE during the first half of the year, consisting of the companies ECA SINTERS and ECA CNAI, should provide the ECA Group with the structure it needs for its development projects in the aeronautical sector. ECA AEROSPACE will in particular be responsible for international business development, but also solutions that combine assembly and testing, two strong objectives for the Group's Aerospace division for the coming years.

Finally, the Simulation division should s

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Growth in half-year revenue: +23.0% (vs. H1 2015), driven by a very dynamic Q2 (+ 31.7%)