6 September 2016


At its meeting of 5 September 2016, the Board of Directors appointed Mr François Morinière as Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective 1 October 2016. He succeeds Mr Marc Hériard Dubreuil, who will remain on the Board of Directors.


Marc Hériard Dubreuil is stepping down as Chairman of the Board after more than a decade at Oeneo's helm. During his tenure, the Group underwent a transformation and significantly expanded its various businesses to become a major player in the global wine industry and one of the most financially successful companies in the sector.


At this meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Mr Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil as Chief Executive Officer. He will take up his position on 1 October 2016 and will be responsible for managing Oeneo Group's expansion. Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil, age 39, holds a degree in engineering from Télécom Paris and is a graduate of INSEAD. He currently serves as Rémy Martin Products and Estates Director at the family-owned Rémy Cointreau group. He manages production of Rémy Martin cognac, from the vineyard to finished bottle, as well as the R&D laboratory's activities and the vineyards. Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).


He will work closely with all division managers and will report to the Board of Directors chaired by Mr Morinière, to whom the Board of Directors has also delegated responsibility for investor and public relations.


Mr Morinière had previously been co-opted as director to replace Mr François Glémet, who resigned as director, for the remainder of Mr Glémet's term, or until the shareholders' meeting called to approve the 2016-2017 financial statements.


Mr Glémet was appointed as a non-voting member to replace Mr André Charles, who resigned, for the remainder of Mr Charles's term, or until the shareholders' meeting called to approve the 2018-2019 financial statements.


Ms Marie-Amélie Jacquet, a director since 2013, was also named Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding Mr François Hériard Dubreuil, who will remain on the Board of Directors.


On October 1st, 2016, the Board of directors will remain compound of thirteen administrators, among whom five women, and two censors.


Commenting on this reorganization, Marc and François Hériard Dubreuil said: “This change in the governance of our Group builds on the work done by Oeneo management for more than 10 years. We are deeply committed to maintaining our family-owned structure, which offers stability and visibility on the future. At Rémy Cointreau, Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil demonstrated his ability to successfully steer and manage the activities of a wine industry group. He brings with him all his professional experience and his thorough knowledge of the sector. He will endeavour to continue, with the support of all the teams on the ground, the excellent work done by François Morinière since he joined the group in 2014. We are thus writing the next chapter in the story of our Group, for which we continue to set highly ambitious goals”.



About OENEO Group

Oeneo Group is a major wine industry player. It has a global presence and specializes in two complementary businesses:

– Closures, involving the manufacture and sale of cork closures, including high value-added, technological closures through its DIAM closure range and traditional closures through its Piedade range.

– Winemaking, providing high-end solutions for winemaking and spirits for leading market players and developing innovative solutions for the wine industry with Vivelys (R&D, consulting, systems).



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Change in governance at Oeneo: François Morinière appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors – Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil appointed Chief Executive Officer